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About Dr. Best:

As a Northeastern Pennsylvania native, It’s so nice to be back practicing at home after working in other parts of Pennsylvania for the past 18 years. I love working with patients – no matter their needs. I have experience seeing a wide range of patients, whether they are an everyday patient coming to see me on a workday seeking comfort to ease their aches, or an athlete that needs my help in the locker room (I’ve worked with a number of sports teams in the Wyoming Valley). I’ve been asked to lecture to local businesses on ergonomics and healthy living, and I’ve also gone to the courtroom on behalf of my patients, when they needed a sound medical opinion in any legal battle they might have been going through.



Managing Pain

Managing and minimizing pain is a large part of feeling your best

Massage Therapy

Feel better and reach your health goals.

Whiplash and Brain Injury

We specialize in treating patients with injuries related to whiplash and head traumas

You were an amazing chiropractor truly. I never trusted anyone with helping me like that and you worked wonders and I mean that whole heartedly. The best part is that you are a genuine person and truly cared for my well-being Kelly and I cannot begin to thank you enough. I still brag to this day about you. You can use that as my testimonial but thats from me to you from the heart. You’re an amazing person.

The office staff are fun loving, yet professional. Massage therapists are excellent at their jobs. Dr. Kelley truly cares for all her patients, gives great health advice, and assures the patients feel better after their visit. She has the perfect name to describe her personality and work ethic, Dr. Best!

Dr. Kelley Best is the most Caring doctor that I have met in years. The best chiropractor with that Special touch! All that and a smile too!

Dr. Best makes you feel 100% better. Not only do you leave feeling like you’re physically better, but she’s so caring and there for you, that you’re feeling happier as well.

Thank you for being such a nice doctor and having the skills to help me and my family.