Dr. Kelley Best OfficePersonal Chiropractic is a full service office. We treat all patients wholly, to create happier, healthier patients.

Our services include:

Total Family Care

Our office prides itself with treating a variety of patients, from infants to the elderly and everything in between. We love our patients, and it puts a smile on our face to help them achieve their goals and the lifestyle they want. Our office is not about churning patients through, we hope to make everyone who comes through our door feel physically and mentally better. Our patients leave our office feeling cared for, and not just their aches and joints, but the whole person.

When you treat at Personal Chiropractic, you become a part of our family.

Injury Care – Brain • Whiplash • Work

Dr. Best has always been an injury specialist, but has recently stepped up her training through an opportunity to study with the Spine Research Institute of San Diego. Through their program she became educated on not on the treatment of patients with brain and whiplash injuries, but also the fine art of diagnosing the sometimes subtle, but treatable, damage to these sensitive areas. This additional training equipped Dr. Best with the skills needed to better treat those patients coming into her office with work, auto, even sports or other type of injuries.

Dr. Best’s commitment to never stop educating herself has made her a better chiropractor and a better health care professional. She has learned, through her various trainings and experiences, the best way to explain the hard realities to attorneys and insurance companies. She has experience with depositions, and she always finds the time to help her patients, whether they need her in the examining room or the courtroom.

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy makes patients feel better. From the time they are on the table, to the moment they walk out the door, until they walk back in for their next appointment, massage therapy is about the patient having a better quality of life.

It was also found that massage therapy can actual boost your immune system. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine did a study on hormonal responses and immune system. They found that patients receiving massage had a significant decrease in hormones specific to immune suppression, and that there were measurable biological effects that may have a positive effect on the immune system.

Personal Chiropractics’ Therapists are trained in various techniques, including:

  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Sports Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Prenatal
  • Relaxation Massage 
Massage Therapy works, and combines with Dr. Best’s treatments, patients have had extreme success reaching their health goals.

STIM (Stimulation) Therapy
Electrical Stimulation

STIM Therapy has been a recent innovation in chiropractic offices across the county. Physical therapy and sports medicine has begun integrating this therapy into treatment regimes, increasing results, and decreasing pain. 
Working with chiropractic treatment, this therapy works well for back and neck pain, headache problems, and other nerve issues. STIM therapy works to relieve inflamed muscles and nerves, and it functions as a means to allow inflamed muscles to relax, facilitating a natural healing process. 
STIM works to mimic the body’s nervous system. It does this through a series of safe, low frequency pulses concentrated on the affected area. During the process the muscles contract, increasing the temperature and blood circulation. The process is identical to the body’s natural healing process, but in the case of STIM, the stimulation comes from an outside source.

Because of the safe and effective method employed by STIM, many common nervous system disorders can be helped this way. STIM is not limited to muscular and joint pain, it can also be quite effective working towards the relief of constant headaches, numbness of the limbs, and chronic back pain. 
STIM has become a widely used process in our office. Personal Chiropractic stands behind the results, and the way it helps. This type of treatment encourags the body’s natural healing mechanisms. That means STIM can be tantamount to reducing a body’s dependence on medications and unnecessary surgeries, and that patients are healing. The symptoms that brought them to our office can be dealt with that much quicker, if we attack the underlying cause and make healthier patients.

Managing Pain with Adjunctive Therapy

Personal Chiropractic has a simple goal: We want our patients to feel their best. We understand that managing and minimizing pain is a large part of that process.

Patients who to us with painful issues, whether they be back, joint, muscular, head, or injury related. We create a whole body solution to get them feeling their best. Through regular chiropractic adjustments (helping the skeletal system), massage therapy (the muscular system), and stimulation therapy (the nervous system), as well as a full understanding of the steps patients can take at home, we help our patients feel better.

Pain can come from any of our body’s systems, and working to make sure the skeletal, muscular, and nervous systems are all functioning together means that patients are going to see results faster. Personal Chiropractic is about complete care, top to bottom, inside and out.


Dr. Best has a great reputation dealing with sports related injuries, and caring for sports teams. She has experience as a team physician, going into the locker room with the team, and treating everything from minor sprains, to major injuries sustained on the field. Dr. Best isn’t going to treat a patient once. She works to promote healing, and get athletes back to their best selves.

Any injury, whether it be joint, bone, or simply the normal wear and tear of an aging athlete, has the potential to be helped by Dr. Best and her staff. Dr. Best creates a safe environment for natural healing, and knows the demands an athletic lifestyle can have on any body, at any age.

From the field, to the the office, Personal Chiropractic is about treating the whole athlete. Using chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy (including massage therapists that are trained in sports massage), and stimulation therapy, Dr. Best can get athletes back on the field as quickly as possible. Dr. Best works to minimize unnecessary medications and surgeries, and helps the body heal itself.